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With So Much Free Content Out There, You Have to be Incredibly Good to Stand Out.

And the Sourcebook is very, very good. It puts every important source of state legislative information in each of the fifty states at your fingertips.

The Web Doesn’t Have All the Answers

As you know the Internet puts a tremendous amount of information within everyone’s reach.

But as powerful as search engines are, they can’t always separate what is valuable from what is useless. And information overload can be as crippling as a lack of information.

The State Legislative Sourcebook brings order to the chaos. It organizes the most important information available on the Internet. And it identifies essential sources of legislative information that are not available online.

PDF Edition Bundled with Hard Copy Purchase

And now, the original hard copy of the State Legislative Sourcebook comes bundled with a PDF copy of the Sourcebook, at no additional cost.

The PDF may be used on one or more or your personal computers, or made available on your organization’s intranet.

All website and e-mail addresses in the PDF edition are hyperlinked for ease of use. In addition, the PDF version is completely searchable by key word or phrase, making it a highly useful companion to the hard copy edition

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The Only Source Like It

And there is still no other source like it. The Sourcebook is a tool to help the experienced make better use of their time. And it’s an aid to help the legislative newcomer ease into the mysteries of state legislatures.

“Extensive and detailed, this annual publication provides what the state legisla­tive researcher needs to know about the legislative process with resources for all fifty states plus the District of Columbia . . . . It is an invaluable road map to the legislative maze of these jurisdictions.” Law Books in Review

The Sourcebook keeps you from being overwhelmed by the massive amount of information on the Internet and elsewhere. Published annually since 1986, the Sourcebook puts the answers to countless questions about the fifty state legislatures, plus the District of Columbia, at your fingertips.

For each of the more than 3,100 sources of information listed, the Sourcebook provides the name of the publication or other source, the organization or company, the address, telephone and fax number, website, e-mail address, cost and description.

“The State Legislative Sourcebook is an absolutely indispensable annual publication for those who want to obtain information on the fifty state legislatures . . . Enthusiastically recommended.” Academic Library Book Review

Whether it’s a number to call to find out when a committee meets in Illinois. Or where to find background information on an Arizona legislator. Or an address for a political newsletter in Michigan. The answers to these and many other questions about each state legislature are included in this carefully researched volume.

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Detailed and Comprehensive

The accuracy, comprehensiveness, and level of detail make the Sourcebook a first-rate reference publication. Our thorough review of public documents, books and other print publications, as well as our careful search of all web-based sources, plus several thousand telephone calls and e-mails, all insure the accuracy and timeliness of each entry in the Sourcebook.

“Any library that does any amount of legislative reference service on other states will find the State Legislative Sourcebook a . . . frequently used reference source.” Booklist/Reference Book Bulletin

Just what does each state section include? The section on each state includes every important and unique information source for:

  • Legislative directories
  • Websites and blogs
  • Lobbying information
  • Political newsletters
  • Bill status & tracking services
  • Bill status hotlines
  • State blue books
  • Biographical profiles
  • Session laws and bill histories
  • Interim study information
  • Document mailing services
  • Procedural manuals
  • Best live person initial contact
  • And much, much more

Each state chapter is organized into sections covering legislative organization and process, legislator background information, legislative sessions, interim study periods, lobbying and general state government and politics. To see an actual state entry from a prior year, click on sample entry or the button above.

To top it all off, the Sourcebook includes several useful appendices. Perhaps the most valuable is the bibliographic resource guide to influencing state legislatures. The guide highlights information that focuses on legislative organization and process, as well as lobbying strategies and techniques.

Other appendices bring together in one place all 50 state bill status telephone numbers, as well as contact information for each state’s bill or document room.

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Who Needs This Information?

Well, for starters, just about anyone studying or attempting to influence state legislatures, including any librarian or researcher who must track down legislative information. This list includes:

  • Lobbyists
  • Law librarians
  • Association executives
  • Government officials
  • Print journalists
  • Labor union officials
  • Researchers
  • College librarians
  • Nonprofit administrators
  • Government relations specialists
  • Public librarians
  • Radio and TV news directors
  • Corporate executives
  • And anyone else who needs reliable information on the 50 state legislatures

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Save yourself hours of research time, and order your newly updated 2021 State Legislative Sourcebook now. Instructions for downloading the companion PDF version of the Sourcebook will accompany the hard copy. Remember, the PDF version is both searchable and hyperlinked.

Remember, each Sourcebook carries a no-risk guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return both versions of the Sourcebook within 30 days for a full refund or credit.

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