About the Publisher

Founded in 1978, Government Research Service publishes several political reference books. The company’s primary publication is the State Legislative Sourcebook.

The State Legislative Sourcebook is an annual 50 state guide to legislative information resources for each of the states. Choice magazine said that the Sourcebook “provides useful legislative information sources and data for those studying or attempting to influence state legislatures.”

In addition to editing the State Legislative Sourcebook, publisher Lynn Hellebust and editor Mary Jayne Hellebust were or are the authors or editors of the Kansas Legislative Handbook, How to Lobby Your State Legislature and the Think Tank Directory.

For forty years, the Kansas Legislative Handbook was an annual guide to the Kansas legislature including detailed profiles of each member of the legislature. How to Lobby Your State Legislature is a legislative advocacy and lobbying guide published in 2009. And the Think Tank Directory is a directory of independent nonprofit public policy research organizations published in 2006.